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Tantra massage at Emotion Wellness Vienna

Indulge in the sensual tantra massage

Tantra is now known to almost everyone in the Western world but is understood differently everywhere. Originally, this is an Indian philosophy that focuses on the body's energies and energy flows. Tantric teachings are taught and modernized in schools worldwide. Modern tantra is all about stimulating hidden sexual energies and the libido of man and woman.

Tantric practices provide relaxation and a balanced hormone balance - you feel invigorated and better coped with the problems of everyday life, also increases the sexual performance. In our house you can enjoy professional tantra massages all over your body and let yourself be carried away by the ladies in an erotic dream world.

Fancy a new level

Whether as a single or to enhance the sexual energy in the marriage bed - in tantric exercises, you can relearn their lust and learn to enjoy touch without excitement. A classic tantra massage begins first on the stomach and thighs.

All erogenous zones of the body can be included and gently played around. The goal of tantric massage is not the highlight, but the concentration on the own body and

The power of touch

In circular movements, the masseuse's hands move ever further to the intimate areas of her body. Groin, testicles and penis are played around with special techniques and touches and delicately stimulated.

First of all, it is certainly exciting not to indulge the desire immediately, but after a few minutes you will feel the beneficial effect for circulation and mind. Your well-being is the focus - forget the stress of everyday life, shame and prejudice. Not the orgasm is important, but your personal body feeling. If you come to orgasm during the Tantric massage, it is normal and can add to the pleasant feeling. If you want to fully live out your desire after the massage, you can reduce any remaining tension in the subsequent sex.

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