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Murlingengasse 7, A-1120 Vienna
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Erotische Massage Wien

We sincerely welcome you at Emotion Wellness. Treat yourself to an extraordinary experience with one of our ladies. An experience with class, style and humor. We have an excellent reputation as a trustworthy and professional studio.

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Our highlight in April!

Treat yourself to a relaxing half hour for € 190, - or an hour for € 270, - full of dedication and passion in a shared date with the ladies of your choice!

Dear guests,

this slideshow gives you an impression of our two studios, Emotion Wellness Rouge and Emotion Wellness Noir.

Dive into a world of high-quality eroticism!

Erotic Massage Vienna for erotic, pleasure and relaxation

Would you like to know more about your own sexuality?
At Emotion Wellness we show you the way to more energy, harmony, relaxation and well-being.
Our Erotic Massage Vienna is a pleasure for body and soul.
Immerse yourself in a world of eroticism, joy and affection: as a guest, warm lighting, cozy rooms, relaxing music and skilled hands await you.
So you can reach the waves of excitement and relaxation in the gentlest possible way. Experience your own desire and sexuality not only on the physical, but also on the mental and emotional level.
In addition to eroticism, pleasure and relaxation, you will also achieve a healing, soothing effect on your general well-being.The sexual energy source enriches your life and your everyday life. Our offer includes a diverse, wide selection of exclusive massages to let go and relax in combination with intoxicating, sensitive eroticism.
A visit to our stylish, professional massage studio is a feast for the senses.
Embark on the gentle, soulful hands of our extremely attractive masseuses: Dive into a world away from stress, worry and everyday life.
All our rooms convince with their decidedly stylish and generous design. Level, discretion and integrity are top priorities in our unique, aesthetic massage studio in the 12th.
Viennese municipality Meidling. Enjoy an erotic massage Vienna. Get here some more inspiration.

For your lasting, sustainable and holistic enjoyment

We at Emotion Wellness guarantee a very cordial and personal service.
We treat you as a guest to all the rules of art in a very well-kept setting. We take care of you with a lot of closeness and tenderness.
Depending on the intensity of the application, our highly imaginative and varied massage techniques lead to mild arousal or overwhelming orgasm.Our focus in this context is on your continued, sustainable and holistic enjoyment. Choose one of the many options available in our comprehensive, rich portfolio of exquisite erotic massages.
We immerse you as a receptionist of the massage in a rollercoaster of emotions. It is this enjoyment in the relaxed passive role that helps you to become more aware of your sensations and increase your body sensation.
Treat yourself to an experience of style, humor and sophistication with one of our ladies. As a serious and professional massage studio, we give you relaxation at the highest imaginable level in combination with sensual tingling eroticism.
Our stylish and exclusively furnished rooms enhance your well-being. At Emotion Wellness, you can expect pleasant scents, gentle music and high-quality products.Discretion and cleanliness are top priorities in our stylish, spacious massage studio southwest of the city center. Let yourself be enveloped by warm colors, gentle sounds and soothing lights: enjoy an Erotic Massage Vienna.

Erotic massage Vienna for erotic, massage and sensuality

Enter the world of Emotion Wellness, a world of eroticism, ecstasy and sensuality.
We stand for noble, reputable and stylish massages at the highest imaginable level.
We consciously convey to you as a guest only motivated, good-humored ladies. In addition, we attach great importance to a fair, open and trusting cooperation. Praise, criticism and recognition encourage our ladies in the design of their own personal rendezvous.
Emotion Wellness is probably the most beautiful address to enjoy, relax and feel good in the 12th district of Vienna Meidling. We pamper you according to your wishes, desires and needs with massages and treatments.
Let your desire for luxury and well-being run wild: Enjoy the luxurious ambience and the intense well-being of an erotic massage Vienna - all within the framework of aphrodisiac fragrances, meditative tranquility and flickering candlelight.
With Emotion Wellness, sensual touches, relaxing music and aesthetic spaces take you into a world of ecstasy. Discreet, exclusive, artful, generous and tasteful, we reserve as a guest at any time your place in the feel-good atmosphere of our location.Contact us for your appointment
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Studio Rouge
Murlingengasse 7, A-1120 Vienna
Tel.: 0664/9963371

Studio Noir
Murlingengasse 3, A-1120 Vienna
Tel.: 0676/4734103