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Sex in Vienna with fantasy

By Emotion Wellness | December 8, 2022
Emotion wellness story "Sex in Vienna with fantasy".

Our customers are looking for sex in Vienna, but they are actually looking for the fulfillment of their fantasies. This is an aspect that I particularly like. I am very physical, but what is the body without the mind? Only the imagination makes us interesting beings who know how to use their body with a purpose. Our profession is, of course...

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My name is whore ...

By Emotion Wellness | 25 October 2022
Emotion Wellness Story "My name is whore ..."

My name is whore, hooker, prostitute. Older gentlemen sometimes speak of Dirne or Freudenmädchen. I have also heard Schickse, but rather from our northern neighbors. Nice I find Liebesdienerin and according to Google I can also be called Gunstgewerblerin, but really no one has ever called me that. I am a sex worker in Vienna. I find that...

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